progress & perception: a life update

Earlier this year, when I decided to make some changes regarding my direction in life, I knew that I would have significantly less time for this little hobby known as blogging. Going nonstop for approximately 16 hours a day leaves little downtime for even the most forced of updates.

I hate the posts that you see around apologizing for prolonged absence. Although I too have been guilty of them in the past, this is not the time for apologies. For the first time in recent memory, I am quite content with my position in life. Keeping busy always brings out the best in me. Sure, I'm usually tired and generally pressed for time but the emotional benefit is incomparable. There's no time to sit around worrying about this or that. There's no time for feelings of restlessness or loathing. And to top it off, not only am I busy, I'm working towards something that I have a genuine interest and potentially promising future in!
As far as school goes, today marks the beginning of my second part of "Phase I". I feel like I have come a long way since my first day back in April. Everything is coming to me pretty easily and it's a great thing to actually see yourself improving, learning and growing in some respect.

Despite being quite absent from the blogging world, I've managed to remain fairly active on both Pinterest and feel free to follow me on there.


Charlotte Pahline said...

Super mega snaps for your happy! <3

Krystal said...

i'd be a'following you on instagram however i have no idea how to find ppl on it (i just joined). and i'm glad you're not apologizing for being away! i was just kind of absent for 6 months and it was brill.