minty fresh

Just wanted to share a little something that I got in the mail yesterday afternoon:
After signing up for jewelmint months & months ago, a 70% off discount code finally persuaded me to give them a shot. Typically pieces are a little shy of $30 (shipping is always free) but with my coupon, I paid less than $10. The shipping was quick. The packaging was sleek. The product is positively post worthy.
I opted for the "Borgia" ring which is silver plated and is set with a turquoise stone. The ring has a little weight to it and although it's a little clunkier than what I usually would go for, it's definitely an eye catching & highly wearable piece.
To be honest, I picked this ring because of the little bit of "history" behind it. Lucrezia Borgia was said to have worn a hollow ring in order to more easily poison the adversaries of her family.
Femme fatale for sure.


Anonymous said...

You could keep a gumdrop in there in case you get hungry!


Brissa said...

a ring locket?!!?!? that's genius!