my rainy dallas day with jean paul gaultier

Yesterday's rainy afternoon was spent at The Dallas Museum of Art's current Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. Although photographs are 100% not allowed in the exhibition (I asked), I tried to capture the spirit of the day as best as I could.
I was lucky to be able to go to this event with my mom who was visiting from El Paso. After a lunch of mushroom soup (perfect for a rainy day), we traveled downtown and on to the museum.

Six rooms, each with a totally different aesthetic, made up the entirety of the exhibit. Each room was filled with clothing, sketches, paintings and memorabilia of all sorts. Mannequins dressed in couture garments populated the space. Some had blank faces, others were brought to life with the aide of projected animations. Others were accessorized with various headpieces, hats and accents of black lace or fishnet. It is truly impossible to put into words the intricacy that can be seen in each of the pieces shown. Our having to lean in closely to get a full idea of the detail certainly drew attention from the guards and curators more than once. Dropping by the gift shop at the end, I was sure to stock up on the entire line of postcards for sale. Each were available for only $1 a piece.
Seeing such a vast amount of iconic and handmade garments gives you such a totally different understanding of fashion. Each stitch, technique, embellishment and silhouette gains new meaning whenever the actual piece is standing before you. If you live anywhere within driving distance of Dallas, I highly recommend checking this exhibit out. But will only be in town until February 12th.

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Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

Sounds like tons of fun! IT's a rainy Louisville day - perhaps I should visit a museum...