looking good + doing good

The time has come when my computer-use induced squinting has finally reached it's ugly limit and I can hardly see while reading or sewing...The time for a new eye exam and frames.

Check out my picks from Warby Parker, where $95 gets you a great looking, vintage inspired frame & anti-reflective coated, polycarbonate lenses in your prescription. If the reasonable price tag isn't enough to persuade you to check out their frames, maybe the fact that for every pair purchased, there is another pair given to an individual in need...and who doesn't want to give the gift of sight?

 1. Roosevelt, 2. Huxley, 3. Preston, 4. Crosby


Anna said...

These are so pretty! I've never needed glasses but I hope I can find similar styles in sunglasses because these are gorgeous!

April said...

Those are gorgeous. And I love the pay it forward!

Belvin said...

nice <3


k.rahn said...

I love Warby Parker - the Prestons will be my next set of frames for sure. Can't wait to see which glasses you choose!