the cd case: a love story

At it's peak, my CD case was an ever present part of my every day. A musical rendition of my life. A fairly even combination of disks obtained both by legal and illegal means. There were the ones purchased earnestly in "record stores". There were those bought on a whim at music venues...maybe sold by a local band, maybe by one on tour. A mix compiled by a best friend, an acquaintance, a boyfriend now long gone. Maybe a CD or two obtained by mistake...borrowed from someone and never returned. There were road trip mixes. Mixes in honor of a new car. A party. Rebellion. Those marking a breakup. A new phase. Some listened to once. Others worn out.
Now my CD case inhabits the bottom of a storage bin, tucked away in the closet. It's organization has been long lost, it's appeal long faded and it's prestige only a distant memory. An old friend of sorts, reminding me of where we've been and who I am.


Amber said...

my cd case is hidden away as well but it fun to go through it from time to time. I like to pull out the case inserts and look at the pics/thank you, etc

Kaisha said...

This is amazing! It's crazy how something that once played such a large part in our lives can just all of a sudden seem insignificant. I was the same as you, and one day my collection was stolen. So I was left with a bunch of empty jewel cases and I swore that I would never buy a CD again. Now that I work in a record store casually that mentality has changed, but only because I can replace them rather cheaply.

Also, thanks for your comment on my blog! I appreciate that you noticed the matching nails! Ha!

And you must let me know when you get a button! I'll change it from the regular link I have at the moment.

Take care lady x