ten tiny reasons(diminutive&decadent)

There is nothing that I have been loving more lately than the tiny & ornate bags that I have been seeing around. For a simple dresser (like myself), such a statement bag can really make an outfit.
Feathers. Beading. Sequins. Prints. Studs. Fringe.

The possibilites for embellishment seem to be endless.
So...Pick a number. Any number.


This is my first 'ten tiny reasons' post to not be color coordinated!


April said...

Love them all!

Katherine said...

Ahh I LOVE colorful clutches! These are all so pretty!

Vanesa said...

amazing! love it!


Make it Easy said...

i like that... to not be colour coordinated :-)
go wild and have fun!

Katrina said...

Ughhh I love all of these! I'll take one of each, please!

RACHAEL said...

ahhh these are gorgeous! i LOVE that they're so small and so detailed and so bohemian :) there's no way i could choose just one :)

Anonymous said...

Omg, love it!