fashion week tokyo(part one)

Just a few of my favorites so far from Fashion Week Tokyo:

S/S 2012
CONCLUSION: What a nice & easy chromatic promenade. When I read that the designer hand dyes most of her pieces, I was not surprised in the least. It was nice seeing models wearing sensible footwear and I could really see each & every one of these pieces in a "real world" setting being bought/worn by "real" people.

CONCLUSION: So many techniques, silhouettes & textures that you really begin to appreciate the monotone color palette. I loved the sheer panels and classic shapes. It was really difficult for me to choose just three looks to feature.
G.V.G.V. S/S 2012
CONCLUSION: Is it possible for me to love and hate something at the same time? Because that is how I feel about this collection. Something very Retro/Lisa Frank/Island Holiday going on here...but I could not look away. And I really like the pastel palette.


aki! said...

I really like the second one, even though it was a bit more "boring". I did however like the practical shoes in the first one.

Krystal said...

i'm loving the way everything is draping...very pretty :)

Heidi said...

Gosh I love fashion. Great picks, I love the mint color!

mandyface said...

The hair in the last runway is shweet, Ima try it.