forcasting(falling in love)

This is what my fall looks like.

 Clockwise from top left:
1. I've been seeing "skater/ballerina" dresses everywhere lately 2. I will be extending my love affair with crossbody bags. 3. Cone shaped heels feel so delightfully retro. 4. Poor Lil Rich Girl: my Go-To Red Polish. 5. This fall, my basic tops will be draped & oversized. 6. You just cannot have too much Chai during the cool autumn months. 7. Opaque tights...need I say more? 8. Lip balm is great but this deeply tinted one is better. 9. Body Conscious & highly versatile. 10. Cool air doesn't have to mean dry skin.
fall forcasting

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April said...

I hope mine looks like that too