the return

Long time no see! I made it back from my long awaited vacation last night and I feel like I have now nearly seen all of the state of Florida. We flew into Fort Lauderdale and immediately drove over to the house my boyfriend's grandparent's own just north of Naples. We stayed there for two days spending time at the beach, swimming in the pool, eating great food, fishing and shopping. After that, we drove up to Disney World and spent two hot and humid days there. Finally, we drove back down to Fort Lauderdale and flew 3 hours back to Dallas.
I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to but it's hard to take pictures when you are spending so much time having fun. Above is a rare shot of myself (check out my tan!) and my boyfriend, posing in front of Epcot's giant "golf ball". We went on this trip with my boyfriend's family which was cool. I was glad that we got to spend the time with them since we usually never seem them for more than a day or weekend at a time.
Anyways, I am back at work today, tired and dreading getting back into the old routine.


April said...

Welcome back! Glad you're safe and sound, and that you had fun! :)

Crystle said...

Yay Vacation!! Glad you had a good time.

LCR said...

welcome back! i'm in the same boat as you... it's a bit hard to get back into it all isn't it... but it does feel darn good to have the suitcase unpacked into drawers and be 'home' again:)

Hilary Mae said...

You look bloody tan dude! Hope you had fun!

Hilary Mae

LEAH said...

I'm heading to Orlando next week.. can't wait! I may be going to Epcot too.. (hopefully)!