stuck in a rut

I have been intending to buy some new attire for about two months now. But oh what a headache this has proven to be. Do I go with trendy apparel? Bright colors? Patterns? Or do I follow my logic and stick with classic pieces and shapes? Things that can be worn no matter the time of year or circumstance.
I feel as though I should be dressing better, or smarter or...something. I'm not a kid anymore, but I don't fully feel like an adult. And for some reason it has been hard for me to find a good balance between these two periods of my life as far as apparel goes. Maybe some of you can relate?

Anyways, here are some things that I have decided that I simply must purchase:
1. Basic White Woven Blouse
2. Black Woven Shorts (Not Denim)
3. Sandal Wedges (Black and Nude)
4. 1 or 2 Summer Dresses (One Floral)

At work I'm pretty basic & boring business-casual and at home it's usually just t-shirts and shorts. Sometimes I like to think back and remember a different time, one where I actually got dressed for the day, where I put thought and effort into every outfit. And then I remember, there's not much point to do this when you don't get out much. Well, maybe this summer will be different.

Can you make any wardrobe suggestions for me?
What are some of your favorite and essential items?

And don't forget, my first ever giveaway ends tonight!


Kaisha said...

So it's Summer where you are now! Super lucky. As far as the staple pieces go, I think you have them down! The blouse would be perfect for a completely relaxed look. And I can just picture the shorts! Are you a fan of Maxi Dresses? I pretty much live in them throughout Summer! Hope your weekend is great! x

Tang said...

That sounds like a perfect basic list! I feel like making it my own list even though I don't need anything! Thanks for visiting. :)

Jessi said...

I also feel in between clothing stages - where I feel young, but am too old for most super trendy things

Krystal said...

i think i go with trendy things in neutral colors...i haven't bought anything bright besides one tank top! but i'll get the pretty silk drapey shirts but in white. i'm a little on the safe side though! i too feel like i am in between styles though..i know what you mean!