How to stop biting and take pride in your fingernails.
This is a longer post than what I usually do, but I figured that somebody out there would appreciate it.
Ten proven tips and advice from me, a reformed nail biter of nearly 20 years:

1. Take an interest.
Probably the most important step. Like it or not, your nails say a lot about you, your cleanliness, your health and your attention to detail. Your interest may begin with an obsession with nail polish, envy, becoming tired with having sad looking fingernails, or in my case, a combination of all three.
2. Polish them.
Because who wants to nibble when you've got a great lacquer your digits? Whether it's the newest seasonal shade or just a clear top-coat, knowing that you spent the time and put forth the effort applying polish will help to deter you from biting.
3. Jewels not tools.
Rethink the way that you do even everyday things. Wear gloves while doing the dishes and even while doing other household chores. Severely hot water, detergents and cleaning solutions are detrimental to nail health. Also, think twice about the way you open containers and soda cans. 
4. Do it yourself.
Because who is going to care as much about your nails as you? Nobody. Make it a habit to do your own nails. Not only is this a great way to save money, it's a great way to relax. Set aside some time for a good at-home manicure with nail soaks, hand massages, filing and buffing, cuticle care, beautiful polish, etc.
5. Notice others.
It's amazing, when you take the time to notice, where you will find sources of nail inspiration. Mine came in the form of the lady in front of me in the check-out line at the grocery store who had beautiful, natural, long and healthy nails. Nail polish bloggers can be another great source of inspiration. Not only can you find out about the newest lacquer colors from these ladies, they are usually full of tips and tricks and most of them tend to care a lot about their nails (and it shows).
6. Replace habits.
Instead of nibbling away when you're nervous, why not instead give your cuticles some impromptu pampering? I like to keep cuticle oil at work, in my purse and on my desk at work. Rubbing cuticle oil (or hand lotion) into your cuticles and nails not only moisturizes, but also promotes growth and health through increased blood flow. Also, try to keep a nail file with you at all times because you never know when you may need it.
7. Nutrition.
Your nails say a lot about your general health. Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of water. Make vitamin consumption a habit as well. I take a daily women's multi-vitamin that includes additional biotin. 
8. Spread the word.
Let others know about your goal. Friends, family, co-workers, even strangers! You never know where you may find sources of inspiration or great tips. If you are really struggling with not biting, having others know about your intentions is a great way for added support. Who knows, you may encourage others to stop biting their nails too!
9. Seek help.
Years of lack of care and biting will take their toll on your nails. It's okay to resort to treatments to help aide you with your goal. I used Nailtiques Formula 2 to help with my weak and peeling nails. I've also been told that Nutra Nail's Strengthener with Green Tea works wonders. There are also treatments for overly brittle nails as well.
10. Enjoy Yourself.
The best part. Feel good about your success! Show off your nails with fun colors or nail art. Also, get ready to start receiving compliments from strangers, friends, family, everyone! Who doesn't like compliments? Especially after you've worked so hard to break your bad habit. Just this past week, my own mother thought that my nails were fake because they were perfectly shaped and painted. You have no idea how proud that made me.
My nails the other day, a little over two months after breaking the habit. 100% natural and self-manicured<3


Sarah said...

Aw, that is some serious motivation! You have beautiful nails. :)

I've never had a problem with nail biting, but I'm told it's an incredibly hard habit to break!

Anna said...

Oh your nails are beautiful. I'm a reformed nail biter, too. But I'm awful at painting them myself so I always get them done professionally.

leigh said...

Wow! So pretty!
<3 leigh

Diana Smith said...

These are awesome tips!! I never bit my nails, but I could see why people do. It does relief stress when you're nervous and just becomes a habit from then out. SOunds awesome!

April said...

Beautiful! I love doing my own nails. It's really relaxing. :)

Krystal said...

i think i have some nail envy :)

Perpetual Blind Date said...

Thats awesome! Great job! I've never had the problem myself, but I work with people who naw (is that the right word) on their fingers while we are in meetings, and thats just gross!

Kristen said...

Wowww, okay i'm going to STOP biting my nails now! Your nails are gorgeous girl!

Ps. soo glad I came across your blog!

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

That's amazing! I have a tiny problem with nail biting, but I like my nails super short anyway - the longer they are, the more I tend to bite them!

Brissa said...

they look beautiful! is that your natural nail with a white polish for the tip? how did you do that?!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I don't have a nail-biting habit, I've always had pretty nice nails and I love to have them painted. However. My husband...my sweet dear husband...chews his nails, nail beds and everything around it. It's awful. Any advice for him?!

Rachael said...

I really do need to look after my nails more - i'm not a nail biter i'm just one of those people that leaves clipping nail varnish on for days! Definitely room for improvement on my part.

brittni said...

Wow these look great! I try and grow mine but one always breaks and then I get annoyed and ruin the rest :(

xx, Brittni

Kathryn said...

Your nails are amazing! Being obsessed with nail polish is probably my main reason for keeping the nails presentable :)

LCR said...

good for you!! I can't believe those aren't fake. you did such a good job.

vojacque said...

wow, i may have nail envy... beautiful nails! you just inspired to do my nails tonight. :)