Today is Thursday, but it's my "Monday" at work now that the spring semester of school is over.
Thursday's are always good. They usually mean things like: The Office, Taco Bueno for dinner and, sometimes, the day before Payday.

Anyways, I wanted to let you all know (if you want to step your lurking up a notch) 
that you can now find me on:

Also, I just realized yesterday that I promised to offer a "Fabulous Giveaway" once I had reached fifty Followers via Google Friend Connect. Well friends, that time has come and is actually a little bit overdue.
Since I'm still pretty green, allow me to ask you all a question: What are some of your favorite items to see available in giveaways? Clothing? Jewelry? Nail Polish? Gift Cards? Many different small items?


chaoskontrolowany said...

Great post;)

Mo Pie, Please said...

Congrats on 50 followers! So exciting to see a blow grow.

I love all kinds of things for giveaways - it feels great to win something you would never normally buy for yourself. Nail polish is always fun, as is jewelry and such.

Brissa said...

everything about this post makes me happy.
the office.
the fact that friday is tomorrow and the weekend is almost here.

Vanesa said...

Hi dear! congrats!!!!

PD: about my new hair tone, yes i do it with decoloration tint... so it,s not the final tone, i want to get a clearly blonde, maybe next week i will change again...


April said...

Yay!! 50 followers is quite a milestone! :)
That's such a funny Office screencap. Thanks for sharing. :)

Crystle said...

Woohoo! Now following on Twitter (@Keyshtol) and Pinterest.

So addictive!

Heidi said...

The office is the BEST! So hilarious.