Welcome back Blogger!

Yesterday afternoon I went thrifting in my new neighborhood and pretty much hit the jackpot. Who knew that there would be three pretty good stores all in direct vicinity of one another! I shopped for myself (for once) and ended up with some pretty good finds:
1. Blue linen blend shirt (will have to add some darts)
2. Linen blend Liz Claiborne high-waisted skirt
3. Unused Clarmont frames

4. Purple paisley scarf
5. Bill Blass denim jacket
6. Sleeveless white button down
7. LBD with black lace overlay
All in all, I spent less than $20. I have never really cared for denim jackets (even during the '90s) but after seeing a great DIY post by seablanket not that long ago, I was inspired to buy one.

This weekend will be a lonely one for me. The boyfriend went to Cincinnati with his dad for some Reds baseball games and general fun-having-time and I'm stuck here in Dallas, working during the days and trying to figure out how to sew on my 1908 Singer machine at night. It could be worse though.


costra y ampolla said...

love thrifting!!


Mandy said...

Congrats on the haul! I need to go thrifting; it's been too long.

I followed you on both the Ts. ;)

Jessi said...

good finds!

April said...

Awesome finds!! I haven't been thrifting in a month or so, but the last time I went, I spent like $30 bucks and that was just at Goodwill. I'm dangerous when I go shopping! haha

I followed you on Twitter! Basically, it's just the most narcissistic thing on the planet, but I think I'm fairly funny so I just go with it. haha

Miss Woody said...

love it !

Belly B said...

Pretty picture! I love photos of glasses on clothes and on books ;)

<3 Belly B

vojacque said...

thanks for introducing me to seablanket. :) can't believe her and i are both from the same city!