diy(wall art on the cheap)

Welcome to my first DIY posting attempt! I love reading DIY segments on other blogs and decided that it was time to post one of my own. Today we will be making some easy and highly customizable wall art.

Supplies Needed:
1. An old, "already-painted-on" Canvas
2. Fabric of your Choice (amount depends on canvas size)
3. Flathead Screwdriver
4. Staple Gun & Staples
5. Pencil 

Also Suggested: Pliers, Iron, Scissors
 1. You're going to start by removing the "already-painted-on" canvas from the frame. I did this by working my way around the frame, prying up the old staples with my Flathead Screwdriver. You may find that using a pair of pliers would be helpful at this point as some of the staples may not want to come out easily. Be careful to keep track of all the staples that you remove, especially if you are working on the floor as I was.
2. After you have removed the old canvas, toss it. Spread out your new, awesome fabric with the side that you want to see facing up. Take your frame and set it on top of the fabric, deciding what exactly you want your wall art to look like. Pretend that you're cropping a photo.
 3. Now you are going to mark the back of the fabric so that you know where to place the frame later. You are going to do this by folding the fabric over the corners of the frame and making a mark with your pencil. You can see that I made a little line right at the frame point. Once you have done this for all four corners,  you're done.
At this point, it's probably a good idea to pause, iron your fabric and maybe trim it down to size a little bit. This will make it much easier to work with. Make sure not to trim the sides down too much. You want enough fabric to reach around the side and to the back of the frame.
4. And now it's time to mount your fabric!
Begin by placing your fabric on the ground, face down. See the four little marks that you made previously? Line up the frame with these indicators. Start at one side (not a corner) and wrap the fabric around the frame and secure in the middle of the length with a single staple. Make sure to keep everything lined up as you do this. Now go to the opposite side and repeat. Do the same thing with the remaining two sides. Now you should have 4 staples holding your fabric secure.
Check everything out to make sure that you are happy with the alignment. If you messed up, simply take out the staple and redo. Once everything looks good, it's time to move onto the corners. This is a little tricky and as you'll see below, all four of mine ended up looking a little different from one another. That's okay though because you'll never see the back! Pretty much, you want to fold the fabric in such a way that it is pulled tightly on both edges of the corner. Secure with staples.
5. Once you have your corners secured, it's time to go staple crazy! Pick a side, pull fabric around frame to line up, secure with a single staple. Go to the opposite side and repeat. Continue this pattern, one staple at a time, constantly checking the alignment of the image and tension of the fabric. Mine ended up being a little bit tricky as the graphic was very linear.
6. And you're done! A super easy and cheap way to decorate your walls. I paid $2 for the old canvas at Goodwill and $5.99 for the fabric at Ikea. I also had to purchase the staple gun + staples ($10), but maybe you already own one?
Please let me know if you have any questions or require further explanation. Also, I promise to take a final picture after everything is up on the wall! 

(Please Note: Excuse the terrible photos. Since starting this blog, I have reached the decision that I need a new digital camera. These pictures were taken with my cell phone. Any camera suggestions? Preferably something that won't stress out my bank account too much.)


kenzie said...

ah! this turned out so cool looking. i loooove that fabric. looks like a legit print. well done. im definitely doing this soon. also, thanks for your kind comments. you are the bees knees.

Classic Style said...

Great work. Cool !!

U U N A said...

Oh this is so neat! And I love that you used the ikea fabric ha (:

Krystal said...

ok, i am loving your style and blog :) glad to have found youuu!

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Cat said...

Oh, it turned out beautiful! I love diy and when they are budget friendly, even better :)

CatSuperhero said...

love it!

Phuong said...

nice work

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beau&lindee said...

that looks way good!

Eva said...

awesome! you could really do this with any frame, couldn't you? cuz i have a few lying around

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vojacque said...

i've been searching for a piece of art for the side of my desk! this is such a creative idea. inexpensive, too! love it. love the fabric choice. :)

Collections said...

This is a beautiful DIY. I need more decorations in my apt and this is a great idea!

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Mandy said...

Holy crap, do I ever love this fabric! I need to run down to our Ikea and pick some up.

Totally cute art, too.

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Cute! I love simple DIY posts.

Thanks for your kind comment, I hope you'll visit again soon, Blace!

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