Last Tuesday, due to having little else to do, I watched the film Howl. I have always been a fan of the literature resulting from the Beat Generation and really wish that I had been made aware of this film's existence earlier. Thank you Netflix for filling me in.

I really liked the way that this film was made. The interview asides, the animation breaks, the courtroom scenes, the club readings, everything. I liked the differences in lighting and color depending on the time and location: i.e. more vibrancy in the courtroom, black and white in San Francisco, etc. The costuming, make-up and hair were very true to the characters and time period. The sets were well researched and realistic. I felt like I was there with Mr. Ginsberg: typing away, frustrations venting. As for the lead actor, James Franco, I feel as though this film may be one of his best portrayals. He had Allen Ginsberg down pat. Listening to his reading of 'Howl' throughout the film and later, to the actual readings done by Ginsberg, it was hard to keep straight who was who.

The only thing that I wasn't crazy about? The animation. Not it's existence, I've always been a fan of the use of animation in circumstances where it's difficult or not artistically feasible to use the "real life". I just didn't care for the style of the animation. Although I have this criticism, I have no suggestion as to what style should have been in it's place. Perhaps something a little more hand drawn, gritty and "sketchy"? I don't know.
This film was a definite 'A' for me. If you have any interest in literature, the Beat Generation or the concept of free speech, I highly recommend this for you. Add it to your queue.


Mo Pie, Please said...

I have seen it! We watched it recently, actually. We thoroughly enjoyed it in every way!

JMay said...

Very cool, I need to see this now :-)

iheartkiwi said...

Seriously, what did we do before Netflix. They always have the best foreign films too!

I am totally going to check this one out. Thanks for the recommendation!

LCR said...

i'll have to watch this one! thanks for giving me next weekend's movie material;)

Jessica said...

i loved this movie, too! so lovely.

kenzie said...

ah, ive wanted to see this ever since it first came out. looks SO good. ill watch it asap, thanks for the review! :)

Brittany Powers said...

Movie looks so good! Just found your blog off another fashion site, love your style! Please swing by my blog if you have time. I have a new post up about Nautical Fashion trends.

Following you, follow back? :)


Kaisha said...

James Franco <3

In response to your other comments lovely...

I think I might search for a recipe for that spinnach lasagna! Mmm!

And... My list took a while! I started with things I wanted to achieve. Then listed some things that I had never done (no matter how small, like wearing red lipstick LOL) and then finally just wrote down some things I really enjoy doing to make sure I do them again. A few of my friends made some lists as well, including my boyfriend. And so now we all just help each other out where we can to cross them off. Definitely let me know if you make one x

Camila Rosa said...

very cool ;D


Vanesa said...

Looks like a great movie.
Thanks for your comment honey!