the good, the bad & the vampy

I was originally going to write this post as part of my continued review of Nailtiques Formula 2. Well, it has been a month & everything is going really well so far. My nails are looking good and, more importantly, are healthier than ever. I'm going to hold off on the continuation for now and see what happens...take a look at the original post here.
As for today, I wanted to display my growing collection of Essie nail polishes:
1.Pink Glove Service- Clear with pink tint. Makes nails look healthy. Great for French Manicures.
2.Mint Candy Apple- Great transition color from winter to spring. Beautiful and trendy color.
3.French Affair- My newest. Very '60s pink with lavender undertones. Pretty thick. (Wearing it now!)
4.Secret Stash- Fuchsia based pink. Pretty but nothing special.
5.Velvet Voyeur- A beautiful and deep winter color. Looks different in every type of light.
6.Chinchilly- My least favorite. Just doesn't look good on me...but the reviews were good elsewhere.
7.Jazz- Taupey, Mushroomy Grey. Love this. Chic with a little edge.
8.Poor Lil Rich Girl- The best red for me. Hands down. Rich and deep.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I just got new polish the other day- three- one greenish, one grey and one pink

kenzie said...

ooooo! im intrigued.
im slowly getting back into painting my nails regularly. but in the summer, my job doesn't allow it so that sucks. but i guess i still have my toes.

ill have to definitely look into this brand, thanks! great colooorsss!

(also, i thought i would share that the 'word verification right now for this comment is "wartards")

LCR said...

i'm totally addicted to my essie polishes. amazing colours... perfect for spring and summer starting:)

LCR said...

why thank ya for your comment! Snowboarding is great, but snow IN TOWN in April!? not so great.

I'm a fan of your blog as well... and your newest follower:)

Kaisha said...

Ahhh I think I just fell in love with the mushroom colour! Glad your nails are growing well. I break mine every weekend at the bar. It sucks!

Shabby said...

i love Essie nail polish, i am beginning to amass quite a collection myself.

Sabrina T. said...

nice blog and i love this nail!!:)such a great color!
if you want you can visit mine and follow me if you like it..i'd be very happy:)
kiss from Milan!

UnaBb said...

Oh,gosh!I loove these nail polish colors!They're just amazing!

Hope you'll follow my blog!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Love these colors. I have an Essie obsession. I love that jazz color - I had a pedicure with it and loved it to pieces.

Ruby Girl said...

love the polish review! i'm so digging the color palette for nails this spring!! <3

cheyenne davide. said...

ahhh love the first set of colours, they are friggen awesome !! :)
loving this post girl! :) xxx

Mirror of Fashion said...

Those bright colours are just perfect for spring.

Krystal said...

I was all trying on some colors yesterday - it's funny how the colors i like change day by day...its very mental

CatSuperhero said...

love the colors on the second photo <3

Collections said...

i have a very large collection of nail polishes as well. Love the neon pink color you have here!

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Al said...

Oh my God you're so tempting me... I gotta have the 4 in the last picture NOW, they're all my kind of colors!

a kiss!


-The Red Dot-

leigh said...

OOOO. So pretty. I love the top colors!
I wish I painted my nails more, but they chip SO easily & I don't have any patience to sit with wet nails.
<3 leigh
P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!