about nothing

Today I bought shoes for the first time in forrrrevvver. Actually, I haven't bought any apparel items in quite some time. I'm at a point right now where I'm ready to just get rid of everything in my current wardrobe and start totally fresh. You know how you sometimes have those days where you have "nothing to wear"? I really feel like that's been an everyday thing for me for a while. Kind of frustrating/depressing. Anyways, buying shoes=big deal for me.

I was hoping to get some sun today, but the pool at my new apartment has not opened yet. Kind of strange as the temperature today was above 85°. I had my swimming suit on under my clothes, pool bag all packed (towel, book, iPod, water, tanning lotion) and walked down to the pool just to find out that it was still closed. Let down.
And that's about all for my day. Nothing too interesting. Contemplating painting my nails. Way too many color choices though. What's your favorite nail polish color right now?


Amira said...

Amazing sandals!

kenzie said...

oh my gosh i would kill for some 85 degree weather. today it was grey, windy, 30 degrees and snowed (for 15 minutes, but still. its april for crying out loud.)
but i am sorry your pool was closed. you'd think 85 degrees would justify opening the pool. fascists! and i'm in the same boat as far as clothes go. i need to go shopping. i want to go on what not to wear. ugh.
have a good friday!

Krystal said...

your day sounds like mine, haha!