I think that it's time for me to go. I haven't been in a while due to my not wanting to acquire more 'things' before moving. But we're totally moved-in now, so it's time to test the thrifting waters of my new neighborhood. I don't even know where to start.
What's the best thing that you have recently found at the thrift store? 
What do you usually look for when you go?
How do you determine what makes a thrift store 'good'?


Kaisha said...

I usually go thrift shopping when I find out that my class for the day is cancelled and I have some hours to fill. I find the best thrift stores will have a mix of everything. I find myself reading all the spines of the second hand books for classics or even new novels I haven't read yet. Sometimes I look for bags and other accessories, and I can never get enough doilies and cute table cloths to aesthetically appease my morning tea's. Good luck thrifting in your new town!

Kaisha - xx

beau&lindee said...

found your blog & its way cute. i am about to go thrfiting right now. its fun to look aimlessly! my recent find have been shoes.. check them out on my blog!

Jessi said...

I don't have much patience for thrifting - I want to go and once I am there I'm just no good a digging :)