the sun in my eyes

My dad wore Ray-Ban. My mother too. I bought my brother a pair for his birthday. And my boyfriend a pair just because. Myself? I'm at two pair...soon to be three.
Although I'm not typically one for brand loyalty, there is just something so quintessentially 'American' about the now Italian owned brand. When I was working as a dispensing optician, the Cats 1000 were my first discounted purchase. Only later, while flipping through old photo albums at home, did I discover that my mother owned the same model back in the '80s: there she was, sitting tanned and smiling on a beach, with her face half hidden by the Bausch & Lomb frame. My dad had his various aviators, all of which he still wears to this day. 
With their superior frame quality, inspired and iconic design and constantly evolving lens technology, Ray-Ban is much of the world's go-to brand for eye wear, myself included. Why such a personal connection? There is not another article of clothing or accessory that I wear everyday, without fail.

Do you have anything that you feel this way about? Eye Wear? Car? Hand Bag? Nail Polish? Please share.


Jessica said...

pretty sunglasses!!

Mrs. Julius said...

i love Ray Ban too! i just got myself the Cats 5000. I love your blog. Now following! :)