After having been a nail biter for nearly 20 years, I was able to break the habit temporarily a few months ago. During that time, I was able to, for the first time, enjoy doing my nails. 
I replaced my old habit with the new one of giving myself intense, weekly manicures: hand soaks in egg yolk and whole milk, constant cuticle conditioning, nail filing instead of nibbling and eventually, creativity in my lacquer jobs. The amount of time that I spent on my nails worked in deterring me from biting.
Well, years of biting had taken their toll as it soon became apparent that my length would never exceed my fingertips. Needless to say, I gave up on my endeavor.

I'm ready to give it another shot. 
Yesterday, in my mail box, was a big promise in a tiny bottle: Nailtiques Fomula 2

Formula 2 is specifically formulated for "Soft, Peeling, Bitten, Weak or Thin Nails", in other words: perfect for me. My nails, once having gotten some length, never cracked or split but peeled and peeled and peeled. I figured that this was simply the price that I had to pay for years and years for nail bed damage. After having read lots of reviews, mainly on MakeupAlley, I decided to take the plunge and give nailtiques a shot. I applied my first coat last night, and will continue to reapply daily, per the instructions. Hopefully I will be able to give a shining review in a month! My fingers will be crossed the whole time!

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