The other afternoon, after classes, I watched the film Dogtooth on Netflix. 
My thoughts? Definitely dark. Mildly humorous. Superbly graphic. Exceptionally Twisted. All in all, not bad. I don't think that I have ever watched a film in Greek, so that was interesting in itself. There were a few points where the graphic nature was so strong that I had to look away from the screen. Although rather simplistic and slow, I was never bored. I loved the lighting, styling and most of the imagery. The characters were rather two dimensional but I think that purposeful. There wasn't really a need for anything more than that. 
A film for the faint of heart? No way.


Eva said...

I watched that film a few weeks weird/disturbing!! it sure makes you think about if after though.
Have you seen Dogville? A good movie as well, and for some reason reminds me of this one (and not just cuz it has 'dog' in the title..).

augustalolita said...

sounds like an interesting movie <3 great photo too btw !!

Heidi said...

haha sounds like I'll be staying away from it, I can't do graphic at ALL! I'm such a wimp :D